Throughout the credit and debit card revolution of the last 20 years, Thailand has remained a predominantly cash-driven society. An estimated 87% of the country do not use a credit card, while an estimated 30% of the country still remains un-banked and therefore using cash for every transaction. There are numerous examples of independent industries […]

Thais are increasingly working longer hours. According to a survey conducted by the United Bank of Switzerland, Bangkok has the world’s 5th longest working week, with an average of more than 42.5 hours. Longer hours means more time away from family and friends, which is perhaps one reason why smartphone use is so high in […]

Choosing a mobile marketing platform to help you automate engagement and provide vital analytical insight can be a difficult task. There’s a lot of choice out there, with the majority of companies claiming to offer “everything you need”, and more. You’ll find that all the platforms offer standard features such as user segmentation, cross channel […]

Updated for 2019. Apple Search ads are paid ads for app publishers on Apple’s App Store. This means that if you have an app you no longer need to rely solely on the search listings to drive installs. Now you can reach new customers by showing users an ad of your app beside the App […]

“Dear Beloved Friend, I know that this message will reach you in good health but please permit me the wish to enter a business relationship with you.” We’ve all had at least one of these emails before. The infamous advance fee or 419 scam still sneaks its way into our inboxes even a decade after […]

Optimize your cost per install campaigns with Facebook App Event Optimization. Turn your app leads into loyal, paying users & increase purchase value by 32%. I often liken Cost Per Install (CPI) to buying shares in a start-up company: no matter how promising the numbers look on paper, there’s no guarantee that the investment will […]

The success of an app depends on its level of public exposure. But you can’t expect an app to reach its potential relying solely on the App Store charts to rank you high and deliver the installs you need for optimal traction. There are millions of apps in the marketplace, each and every one attempting […]

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and your company won’t be the last to release an app and be hugely disappointed that it made little impact on the marketplace. In fact, it happens to the majority of the 1000+ apps released each day. My guess is that you’ve been racking your brains trying to figure out […]

52% of users enable push messaging on their mobile devices ~ Localytics, 2014. The push notification is the ‘email’ of the app world, but with one vital difference. While an email must be accessed via an inbox, and is subject to the permission of spam filters, the push notification is able to instantly penetrate the user’s […]

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