Thailand has made significant progress in digital banking and is now poised for the next evolution. With the Bank of Thailand recently announcing the opportunity for companies to apply for virtual banking licenses, we examine the milestones achieved and the future of banking in the country.
Thailand is on a steady path of embracing Open Banking, yet still faces unique challenges in its journey. In this article we take a look at Thailand’s progress, the challenges that lay ahead and why resistance to innovation could stifle the growth of incumbent banks.
7-Eleven in Thailand successfully incorporates sustainable practices into millions of people’s daily lives through the use of technology and with some help from Appsynth
Three reasons UX is critical for any Financial organisation or FinTech implementing Open Banking / Open Finance APIs.
Wealth management in Thailand is undergoing growth and transformation fueled by technology.
With great developments in spatial computing and the arrival of Apple’s Vision Pro, is it time for brands to start thinking about expanding the online customer experience beyond small screens?
We are at a pivotal moment in climate action, and businesses in Thailand are facing growing pressures to become more sustainable.
In November 2023, Appsynth’s CEO Bob Gallagher spoke at the Corporate Innovation Summit 2023, amongst other esteemed speakers in the field of business innovation. Bob delivered a keynote presentation on the topic “The Super App Opportunity: Leveraging open innovation to drive millions of users” and facilitated a workshop on the topic “Supercharge Your Super App: Creating Open Ecosystems”.
In October 2023, Appsynth and Brankas co-hosted our second roundtable discussion of the year together, this time in Manila. We were joined by CXOs from 18 different banking institutions to discuss the current state of open banking in the Philippines, and what the future holds.
It was our honour for Appsynth to speak at HSBC Digital Payments Week 2023 this month on the topic of ‘Market Collaboration and Integration: Open Finance and the Impact to Business’.

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