How 7-Eleven Is Using ‘7 Go Green’ for a Sustainable Future

7-Eleven in Thailand successfully incorporates sustainable practices into millions of people’s daily lives through the use of technology and with some help from Appsynth

Behavioural and lifestyle changes are critical to counteracting climate change.

CP-ALL, the sole operator of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Thailand, realises the need to promote widespread public awareness and encourage lifestyle changes to contribute to a larger-scale impact. Part of its “7 Go Green” initiative is the “7 Go Green Plastic Reduction for Life and Environment” campaign, which enables customers to easily take part in an environmental cause with every purchase they make.

Promoting Widespread Public Awareness on Climate Change in Thailand

The 7 Go Green campaign raises awareness about climate change in Thailand through customer and corporate action, rewarding eco-conscious behaviour with virtual tree growth. With each purchase made without single-use plastic, the customer earns water droplets, which go towards growing a virtual tree, symbolising their individual impact. Furthermore, 7-Eleven commits to planting real trees based on the virtual trees cultivated within the app.


7 Go Green makes it simple for anyone to participate; saying no to single-use plastic means the customer has already contributed to the environment. For 7-Eleven’s loyalty members, the campaign automatically tracks and visualises their impact in the mobile app, reinforcing the behaviour. Making this campaign easy to share socially not only enhances customers’ kudos for playing their part but also amplifies campaign reach to a wider audience.

“When you talk about people refusing to take a plastic bag, a plastic straw, or a plastic cup, that’s a small individual action. But 7-Eleven has over 13,000 locations across Thailand and serves millions of customers online, so all those seemingly small actions add up to make a massive impact at this scale. This has been a truly great initiative by 7-Eleven TH to build new consumer habits, while pledging to plant a huge number of trees in the process” says Bob Gallagher, CEO at Appsynth

7-Eleven has pledged to plant 1 million trees in Thailand’s forests. Throughout the 3-month campaign period, over 9 million customers participated, and they have surpassed the set goal. More than five hundred thousand trees have been planted in forests across Thailand in 2023, and this initiative will continue until completion in 2025.2

Thailand’s Climate Conundrum

In the past 30 years, Thailand has been hit by more than 40,000 flood crises, causing as much as THB 12.59 trillion in damages. Yet, a significant portion of the population remains unaware of the direct impact of climate change on Thai society and the urgent need to address this.

While there is growing awareness of climate change across the region and globally, especially in developed countries, in Thailand, many perceive it as the responsibility of the government and business sectors. This underscores the need for increased awareness and education, ensuring that the population understands the direct and indirect impact of their daily lifestyle choices.

Explorer and activist Robert Swan once said,

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Appsynth works with corporates across Thailand and Southeast Asia to provide consultancy and development services, helping brands incorporate technology into their sustainability initiatives and bring them to life.

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