According to Criteo’s Q2 Mobile Commerce Report, which analysed 1.4 billion ecommerce transactions from more than 3,000 online retail and travel businesses globally, 54 percent of mobile transactions in the US came from smartphones. iPhones made up 66 percent of smartphone transactions, up from 61 percent over the previous two quarters.   So what’s driving […]

80% of branded apps are downloaded less than 1,000 times ~ Deloitte When you consider that Apple’s App Store contains over 1.2 million apps, and Google Play’s over 1.3 million, it’s obvious why so many apps quickly become part of the startling statistic at the top of this page. The reality is that apps don’t market themselves. You can’t […]

App dev companies are great. They know how to code apps and, as a business looking to reach a broader market base by going mobile, you feel you need one. Fortunately it isn’t hard to find an app development company. In fact, they’re two a penny. Do a Google search, hit up a freelance website […]

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