Growth Engine Optimization™

Since 2010 Appsynth has provided app marketing and monetization services to app publishers with an empirical, data-driven approach. The culmination of learnings from this experience and experimentation forms the basis of Appsynth’s G.E.O™ process. Our holistic and comprehensive approach sees clients engage us as their strategic partner for achieving long term sustainable growth and positive ROI.

Our Unique 12-Step Process

Step 1
Product Discovery

We begin with a half day workshop to help our marketing team understand your app’s backstory, purpose and direction.

Step 2
Landscape Analysis

We then conduct preliminary market research to better understand the competitive landscape and where your app fits within it.

Step 3
Growth Readiness

Next, we ensure the right foundations are laid for properly measuring and enabling growth in terms of your technology stack and metrics framework.

Step 4
360° App Audit

At this stage, we conduct a complete diagnostic assessment of your app based on industry best practices and our extensive experience.

Step 5
Data Deep-Dive

We then delve further into the data, using heat mapping and event path analysis to better understand how your app is being used.

Step 6
Predictive Modelling

Next, we introduce advanced data modeling techniques that enable us to predict future user behaviors based on early actions they take.

Step 7
Growth Opportunity Analysis

Based on the audit and data analysis results, we then examine how the app can be improved and what opportunities are yet to be exploited.

Step 8
Segmentation Strategy

Now that we better understand user behavior, we utilize advanced analytics to create a personalized segmentation strategy for your key audience groups.

Step 9
Engagement Strategy

We then develop highly targeted engagement campaigns capable of influencing user behavior and driving progression through the user lifecycle.

Step 10
Retention Strategy

Next we focus on optimizing retention, understanding your app's primary retention drivers and the major causes of churn that must be overcome.

Step 11
Monetization Strategy

We then review all revenue-generating aspects of the app to ensure current earnings are being maximized, and to identify new areas of potential monetization.

Step 12
Acquisition Strategy

Lastly, we examine how user acquisition can be increased via App Store Optimization, cross-promotion, viral mechanics, partnerships and advertising.

Our unique methodology is grounded in the concept of growth engines, the mechanisms by which sustainable growth can be achieved. We help publishers to fuse the following engines of growth into a single integrated process:

  • The Organic Engine is based on maximizing organic exposure and discoverability, as well as improving install conversion rates.
  • The Paid Engine is fueled by advertising and requires a profitable margin on acquisition to be sustainable.
  • The Sticky Engine focuses on growth by increasing usage and minimizing churn.
  • The Viral Engine leverages viral loops to encourage referrals and word of mouth discovery.

G.E.O™ combines the power of all 4 growth engines. The 12-step process ensures an app is firing on all cylinders to maximize potential and achieve a compounding effect on performance from each new install. With the tools and techniques that make up this process, Appsynth has helped drive millions of app installs and over 1.5 billion engaged user sessions, generating significant revenue for our clients.

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