How Messenger Marketing Is Changing the SE Asian Ecommerce Market


Despite its prominence in large areas of the Western world, the ecommerce industry is still relatively early in its development, with a huge amount of room to grow — particularly in the developing world. As technological standards rise on a global scale, more and more people are afforded the means, the infrastructure, and the awareness […]

REVEALED: How Thailand’s Retail Giants Dominate the App Market


Thais are increasingly working longer hours. According to a survey conducted by the United Bank of Switzerland, Bangkok has the world’s 5th longest working week, with an average of more than 42.5 hours. Longer hours means more time away from family and friends, which is perhaps one reason why smartphone use is so high in […]

Latest Statistics Show Mobile Converts Like Crazy!

mobile share ecommerce 2015

According to Criteo’s Q2 Mobile Commerce Report, which analysed 1.4 billion ecommerce transactions from more than 3,000 online retail and travel businesses globally, 54 percent of mobile transactions in the US came from smartphones. iPhones made up 66 percent of smartphone transactions, up from 61 percent over the previous two quarters.   So what’s driving […]