The Client

PrimeTime can be considered the "Netflix of Thailand", providing the best movies & TV series on demand with an exclusive selection of content from major Hollywood studios such as Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, NBC Universal and Sony Pictures.

The Problem

With bootleg DVDs dominating the market, the PrimeTime apps needed to offer a superior experience to change the status quo. As network speeds can also be low in this market, any streaming service must achieve low bandwidth consumption to ensure it can be accessed with all strengths of connection. Appsynth worked with the PrimeTime team to build the launch versions of their iOS, Android and web applications and help make these a reality.

Cross-platform perfection

The PrimeTime apps provide truly seamless cross-platform viewing. Users can start watching an episode on their commute home, then finish the programme on their laptop or connected TV, transitioning smoothly from device to device.

Continuous playback enables users to switch between devices without ever losing track of their position.

Users can also cast PrimeTime movies and series from their mobile device directly to their TV screen, streaming uninterrupted in stunning ultra HD quality, quite a technological feat. The apps can connect to bigger screens via Google Chromecast, Apple TV or HDMI cable.

User Experience

Every care has been taken to ensure this is the ultimate movie-watching experience outside of cinemas. Providing ultra HD quality despite very low 3G bandwidth consumption is a great achievement, especially considering this is DRM protected content that requires real-time decoding, yet runs smoothly and uninterrupted cross-platform. Users can also enjoy virtualized 5.1 surround-sound through regular stereo headphones with DTS Headphone X technology for a cinema-like experience.

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