Project Overview

Help Bob, a collaboration between Appsynth and Egg Digital, is a unique activity tracker unlike anything else on the market. Our aim was to create a product that makes physical activity more fun while being part of a normal daily routine, to appeal to a more casual audience than typical fitness trackers. The app has been painstakingly designed taking over 300 hours of illustration, visual design and animation to create a beautiful, rich and engaging experience.

Our motivation

With ever increasing demands on everyone's time, our own health and wellbeing can sometimes get neglected. While most activity trackers are serious in nature targeting the more avid fitness fanatic, we realised that a larger unserved market is those who are struggling to get started on a healthier path, due to lack of time or lack of interest in pursuing dedicated periods of exercise. This group would find a more entertaining app that fits with normal daily activities a better way to get going. Appsynth’s MD also happens to be called Bob. Apparently the name is just a coincidence, but Help Bob can be used by busy office folk too!

And so the story goes...

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, friendly aliens from Planet Bob came to our Earth in search of tasty treats, but got a little carried away. Having feasted on lots of fattening foods they no longer fit back in their space capsules! It is therefore our responsibility to help these calorie-laden critters shed some pounds to make it back home. Who knows, this process might even get us into shape too!


Everyday you are assigned one chubby Bob. As you walk, your alien buddy walks with you. The more you walk, the thinner Bob gets. If you beat your daily step goal you help send him back to his planet but if not, he's stuck here forever! Goals are dynamically set based on recent activity levels, gradually pushing you to walk further over time, while discovering numerous loveable characters along the way.

With Help Bob in your pocket,
you’ll never walk alone!

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