The Client

Banyan Tree Group is a leading operator of international hotels, resorts and residences, head quartered in Singapore. The group operates several property brands with numerous locations under each.

The Challenge

To create an iPad app which would empower their staff with tools that could help make sales appointments more efficient and productive. It needed to put all necessary information about each property at their fingertips, to enable them to act immediately with confidence and agility to all customer questions and requests. With so many sales staff in operation the app also needed to streamline the sharing of information around unit availability, ensuring everyone in the field is updated in real time as each unit is sold.

Our Solution

Together we created a Group Property Management platform which consists of a collection of feature-rich enterprise apps that their sales force can use in the field to streamline the sales process and achieve even greater results. The app allows staff to give virtual tours of a property's surrounding area and inside units without leaving the sales office, to help prospects refine their options before viewing in person, the more time consuming part of the job. A phone app is also provided to change a unit’s availability and notify all staff as soon as a sale is confirmed.

User-centred design

To succeed it first required a strong understanding of the context of use and the jobs the company's internal users must complete at each stage of the sales funnel to ensure the information is organized in a logical progressive format. The platform uses a non-standard UI designed from scratch to best meet the sales users' needs. The interface also uses custom animations that were created to give a slick and fluid experience, to impress sales prospects and contribute to the brand's overall sense of quality.

A technical triumph

The platform relies on high quality visuals and rich multimedia content with huge file sizes. As an enterprise app which is remotely distributed to staff devices it could be problematic if each file size was too high. Rather than cram everything into a single app we created a network of apps, using deep linking to switch seamlessly between them, an innovative approach which enables the file size of each to be greatly reduced.The 360 degrees arial and in-room tours are another impressive feature. To achieve this effect the app combine several images files for each location into seamless 360 degree views, which the user can then navigate.

Staff can now give virtual tours of a property without leaving the sales office

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