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A full-stack developer is a type of software developer who is proficient in both front-end and back-end development. They are able to work on all aspects of a web development project, from the design and layout of the user interface to the server-side logic and database management. They should have knowledge of various programming languages, frameworks, tools and also understand database management systems, API design, version control and web security.

What you will do

  • Design and implementing back-end of a web application
  • Design and implementing APIs for Web, Mobile and other services
  • Design and implementing user interfaces and layouting from designers
  • Test and debugging web applications and backend services
  • Write reusable, testable, readable, maintainable and efficient code
  • Be part of the Agile methodology, daily standup, backlog grooming, demo, retro etc
  • Be strong in problem-solving, critical thinking abilities
  • Be good communication and collaborative skill

What you will need

  • Familiar with one of the backend languages such as NodeJS, Typescript and Golang
  • Familiar with one of the backend frameworks such as Express, KoaJS, NestJS and Gin or
    others NodeJS or Golang web frameworks
  • Familiar with web technology such as HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Familiar with one of web frontend frameworks such as VueJS, ReactJS, NextJS, NuxtJS, Angular
  • Familiar with one of database type such as MySQL, Postgresql and Mongodb
  • Familiar with caching strategies and tools such as Redis, Memcached
  • Familiar with one of the testing frameworks such as Jest, Mocha, Mockery
  • Familiar with CI/CD, Docker, Docker Compose and GIT
  • Stayed up to date with latest related technologies
  • Good to have (Bonus):
    • Knowing graphical frontend development such as Canvas, SVG, CSS Animation and WebGL
    • Knowing visualization libraries such as D3 and ThreeJS
    • Familiar with the concepts such as microservice architecture, RESTFul API design, Responsiveness design, PWA and Web optimization techniques, Design Patterns, Relational Database design, web security OWASP Top10

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