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Report to Engineering Lead


As a DevOps you build, test and maintain the infrastructure and tools to allow for the speedy development
and release of software. You will also assist the support team when needed in order to resolve production
issues quickly.

What you will do

  • Your normal duties include but are not limited to supporting and maintaining existing infrastructure (some legacy and some current)
  • Contribute to and advise on system architecture for new and existing projects, specifically in relation to DevOps
  • Research new technologies and ideas that could be a benefit to the company
  • Oversee and contribute to DevOps tasks on various projects
  • Contribute to development tasks on various projects
  • Support Business Development and PMs regarding DevOps engineering
  • Help set Service Level Indicators and Objectives for various projects
  • Research, audit and adopt DevOps technologies as required
  • On-the-job learning, both directed and self-initiated, and constant improvement are key factors in your value to the Company

What you will need

  • Good knowledge around AWS, GCP
  • Good understanding of K8S, EKS and other infrastructure technologies
  • Knowledge of IaC tools is a plus (Terraform, Pulumi, …)
  • Great communication skill
  • Able to explain technical solutions to non-technical people

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