The 7 Golden Rules of Sending Successful Push Notifications


52% of users enable push messaging on their mobile devices ~ Localytics, 2014. The push notification is the ‘email’ of the app world, but with one vital difference. While an email must be accessed via an inbox, and is subject to the permission of spam filters, the push notification is able to instantly penetrate the user’s […]

5 Colossal App Marketing Failures That Repel Acquisition & Decimate Retention

app marketing mistakes

80% of branded apps are downloaded less than 1,000 times ~ Deloitte When you consider that Apple’s App Store contains over 1.2 million apps, and Google Play’s over 1.3 million, it’s obvious why so many apps quickly become part of the startling statistic at the top of this page. The reality is that apps don’t market themselves. You can’t […]